Friday, April 27, 2012

Pictures from Bok Tower Gardens

-Out Of Place: Unexpected Perspective

     In this picture, You see and orange in the middle of a palm fran leave. I found this walking down a clay road and was puzzled, until I realized that the road was used by grove trucks. It must of bounced out and landed right in the leave...


     This is a picture of the gate to the tower. When I saw it I knew It was perfect for curve!

-King on his Throne: Depth of Field

     This is a picture that I wasn't trying to take, it just happened. I love how you can see the flower and the butterfly and its background.. It was in the garden by the cafe.

-On Fire: Light

     This is one of my favorites.. I loved the way the LIGHT hit it.. It made me think of light because of how it looked like the sun.. It was beside the reflection pond.

 -A Single Ripple: Growth

     This is another one of my favorites. It took forever to get the shot i wanted. I thought of this as growth because of how A single drop grows and turns into a tsunami. It was the faucet by the restrooms..
-The View: Reflection

     This photo is one I have wanted to take for a long time. I love how it shows the tower up and down. Its at the far side of the reflection pond.
-Side of a Tower: smooth

     This shot shows how smooth the side of the tower is. It was by the side of the tower.

-Streamline Flyer: Verticle/Horizontal

     I love this one.. I honestly didn't know I had it till I looked through my camera. I think this represents horizontal because of how straight the Cardinal is. This was taken at the feeder by window by the pond..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

BoK ToWeR ExPeRiEnCe

Bok tower... What do i say.. Its so mush fun... There is so much to do... You will never be bored. I love the coi ponds and the gardens. There are so many flowers that I have never seen before. Like the lilly's.. There were so many animals.. well see you next time...

DUECES!!!! Thanks for reading..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Me and How I got started....

I have been taking pictures since i was little. My mom has always had her camera with her, so I always was playing with it... I remember one night after my big brothers football game, we were all congratulating him on his win... And of course i had my moms camera.. I was probably 6 or 7.  I was playing taking pictures of a fence post. I know not that cool but hey, i was 6. Out of no where a huge owl flew onto the pole and he stared right at me. I lifted my camera and pulled the trigger. i took it back to my mom and showed her the picture. She was amazed and put it in a competition.. i won first place.. i have been taking pictures ever since. I guess i just have a feel for taking pictures and the fact that you can look at a picture and be looking at frozen time!
A little about me.. im a pretty simple guy who loves the outdoors and sports but water is my favorite thing in the world. anything with water, im in.. i love hanging out with friends and taking pictures. 
Thanks for reading........