Friday, April 27, 2012

Pictures from Bok Tower Gardens

-Out Of Place: Unexpected Perspective

     In this picture, You see and orange in the middle of a palm fran leave. I found this walking down a clay road and was puzzled, until I realized that the road was used by grove trucks. It must of bounced out and landed right in the leave...


     This is a picture of the gate to the tower. When I saw it I knew It was perfect for curve!

-King on his Throne: Depth of Field

     This is a picture that I wasn't trying to take, it just happened. I love how you can see the flower and the butterfly and its background.. It was in the garden by the cafe.

-On Fire: Light

     This is one of my favorites.. I loved the way the LIGHT hit it.. It made me think of light because of how it looked like the sun.. It was beside the reflection pond.

 -A Single Ripple: Growth

     This is another one of my favorites. It took forever to get the shot i wanted. I thought of this as growth because of how A single drop grows and turns into a tsunami. It was the faucet by the restrooms..
-The View: Reflection

     This photo is one I have wanted to take for a long time. I love how it shows the tower up and down. Its at the far side of the reflection pond.
-Side of a Tower: smooth

     This shot shows how smooth the side of the tower is. It was by the side of the tower.

-Streamline Flyer: Verticle/Horizontal

     I love this one.. I honestly didn't know I had it till I looked through my camera. I think this represents horizontal because of how straight the Cardinal is. This was taken at the feeder by window by the pond..

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