Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Me and How I got started....

I have been taking pictures since i was little. My mom has always had her camera with her, so I always was playing with it... I remember one night after my big brothers football game, we were all congratulating him on his win... And of course i had my moms camera.. I was probably 6 or 7.  I was playing taking pictures of a fence post. I know not that cool but hey, i was 6. Out of no where a huge owl flew onto the pole and he stared right at me. I lifted my camera and pulled the trigger. i took it back to my mom and showed her the picture. She was amazed and put it in a competition.. i won first place.. i have been taking pictures ever since. I guess i just have a feel for taking pictures and the fact that you can look at a picture and be looking at frozen time!
A little about me.. im a pretty simple guy who loves the outdoors and sports but water is my favorite thing in the world. anything with water, im in.. i love hanging out with friends and taking pictures. 
Thanks for reading........

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